Snow removal of roofs
in Laval and Greater Montreal

Our snow removal techniques will not damage your roof!

At Couvreur Couv-Toit, our experienced team of snow removers is equipped to work safely, without risk for themselves or others. In addition, our roofing snow removal specialists use adapted techniques to remove snow or ice without damaging your roof. Whether you live in Montreal, Laval, the North Shore or Lanaudière, our snow removers move to clear your flat or sloping roof. In winter, the snow that builds up on your roof is a hazard to the structure of your building that can cause the roof to weaken and collapse, injuring people who are travelling nearby. It is therefore important to intervene quickly to avoid damage to your building structure.

Contact Couvreur Couv-Toit for snow removal from your flat or sloping roof in Montreal, Laval, the North Shore and Lanaudière. In addition to using safe methods, our experts also make sure to establish a perimeter around your building before starting snow removal to protect your safety and that of passers-by.

Snow removal of roofs Greater Montreal, Laval

Why do you have to plow your roof?

Déneigement de toiture Laval Montréal

In the middle of winter, the accumulation of snow and ice can not only damage your roof and the structure of your building, but it can also hurt the people who move around your building. Too much snow can have consequences such as :

  • The collapse of your roof;
  • Cracks that cause water infiltration;
  • Accumulation of snow or ice that may fall and cause injury.

Damage caused by snow accumulation can be costly to repair. Prevent the inconvenience of snow and ice by entrusting snow removal from your residential, commercial or industrial roof to Couvreur Couv-Toit in Montreal, Laval, on the North Shore or Lanaudière.

When should your roof be plowed?

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There are several observable signs that it's time to start clearing the snow from your roof. The first thing to observe is the accumulation of snow, usually snow must be cleared when there is an accumulation of more than 6 inches. However, if you do not have a dam of accumulated ice on the edge of your roof, you can wait until the snowpack reaches the height of one foot. If you notice a deformation of the ceiling, the appearance of cracks on the ceilings and walls, unusual cracking or the friction of your doors, snow removal should be done as quickly as possible. These signs tell you that your roof is in critical condition.

Leave snow removal from your roof to the experts at Couvreur Couv-Toit in Montreal, Laval and elsewhere on the North Shore for a snow-free roof. Contact us now to learn more about our snow removal services and get a free quote!

Looking for snow removal expert in Montreal or in Laval?

Give yourself peace of mind by entrusting snow removal from your flat or sloping roof to Couvreur Couv-Toit in Montreal, Laval, Lanaudière and elsewhere on the North Shore. Our experts remove snow from your roof while taking care of preserving your roof covering integrity.

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