Elastomeric membrane roof in Laval and Montreal

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In recent years, elastomeric membranes have become increasingly popular for the construction or renovation of flat roofs, whether for a residence or a commercial building. It is considered a replacement for gravel and bitumen roofs. In addition, the elastomeric membrane is a perfect roof covering for commercial and industrial flat roofs of large areas.

The white elastomer roof is increasingly popular and even required by some municipalities. Even though its cost is a little higher, it protects the roof from the heat of the sun, thus reducing heat islands and the temperature inside buildings.

Your experts at Couvreur Couv-Toit travel to Montreal, to Laval, the North Shore and to Lanaudière for the installation, the reparation or even the refurbishing of your flat elastomeric membrane roof.

Elastomeric membrane roof Laval, Montreal

The characteristics of an elastomeric membrane roof

Toiture bardeaux d'asphalte Laval Montréal

The elastomeric membrane has several advantageous characteristics. It is well-liked by architects because it settles, no matter the weather, whether it is very cold or even very hot. The membrane is also ideal for flat roofs.

Features of an elastomeric membrane roof: :

  • Very good lifespan from 10 to 35 years;
  • Very good resistance to weather, extreme temperatures (no thermal shock breakage) and UV;
  • Very high impermeability;
  • Cold installation is now possible, reducing the risk of fire;
  • Easy to maintain and repair;
  • Ideal for flat roofs;
  • Aesthetics: Thanks to the many colours available (black, white, green, grey, etc.), the elastomeric roofing membrane provides a harmonious and refined look to your building;
  • Good value for money.

The traditional elastomeric

Also called modified bitumen membrane (SBS) is composed of a base membrane of polymers modified asphalt and a finishing membrane composed of small coloured ceramic granules. It requires a heat application process with a torch. Indeed, the joints of the base membrane are heated with a torch to melt the asphalt and create a sealant that sticks to the cap sheet. This process ensures a better seal.

The elastomeric membrane with a bonded system

The elastomeric membrane with a bonded system is made of synthetic rubber. It is smooth because it is not covered with gravel. It requires a cold application process, without nails, therefore offering full adhesion. This type of membrane is ideal for roofs where the use of flame is not authorized, or simply not desired, such as for schools and hospitals. These membranes can be installed without problems at temperatures as low as -10°C, up to temperatures of 30°C.

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