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Maintain your roof

By regularly inspecting your roof, our team will be able to detect any breakage or small infiltration of water that could damage your building. They will then be able to repair your roof quickly and efficiently! Even if there is no obvious sign of damage, every homeowner should check and maintain their roof on a regular basis to preserve the integrity of the roof and protect their home. Roof maintenance is an investment that yields significant returns over time. Extend the life of your roof and preserve the structure of your building by maintaining your roof regularly.

Preventive maintenance of a flat roof

Flat roof maintenance Laval Montreal.

To extend the life of your roof, Couvreur Couv-Toit has developed a preventive maintenance program that will give it 5, 10 or even 15 years more! With fair and reliable management and proven methods, we will ensure that our work is efficient, sustainable and professional.

  • Radically extended cover life;
  • Maintaining your warranties;
  • Recycling of components when replacing the membrane;
  • Reduction of the operating costs of your roofs.

Cleaning and maintenance

Flat roof cleaning and maintenance Laval Montreal.

Regular roof cleaning is an important part of roof maintenance and related systems. Pay special attention, not only to shingles and flashings but also to other key elements such as gutters, downspouts, skylights, vents, chimneys, solar panels, and ventilation elements.

Couvreur Couv-Toit is here to help you with the maintenance and cleaning of your flat or sloping roof in Montreal, Laval and elsewhere on the North Shore.

Are you in need of roof maintenance or cleaning?

Contact Couvreur Couv-Toit for the maintenance and cleaning of your residential, commercial or industrial roof in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore region. Regular maintenance allows you to extend the life of your roof coverage.

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